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Hello! I’m Councilwoman Carmalitha L. Gumbs

I am your voice in the City of South Fulton District 2.

Welcome to the city of South Fulton. I would like to start off by telling you a little  bit about my background. Not only do I serve as your councilwoman in what I like  to call the jewel of South Fulton, District 2, but I have also been fighting the good fight in the private sector for over a decade, securing affordable healthcare for  our senior community. In my current role as a healthcare industry leader  dedicated to increasing access to quality healthcare, I oversee Cultural and  Community Affairs at ChenMed. During my tenure, I have successfully launched  a vast array of wellness programs for Atlanta area seniors, including pop up  dental clinics, salons, and farmers markets and more recently access to the covid  vaccine and necessary community impact services surrounding the pandemic. My initiatives have emphasized the overall importance of health education  among adults aged 55 and older. In my line of work, I take pride in successfully  helping metro area seniors take more ownership over their health, prioritize  prevention, and choose a deeper commitment to their wellness over steady  decline.

I am also proud to say that my initiatives have demonstrated the importance of  the business community’s investment in local seniors and their health. I have  orchestrated critical partnerships to not only amplify the services and resources  that ChenMed is able to provide locally, but also drive awareness among the  business community of Atlanta’s seniors’ unique needs.

Because of my love for community and dedication to positive changes in the  community I reside in, I leveraged my background in social work and government  affairs to strengthen public-private ties for the benefit of local communities, and  model effective programming for aging populations. But more importantly than  that, I am committed to continuing to enrich the individual lives of the seniors that  are the members of one of our city’s most vulnerable populations. I want them to feel protected, supported and appreciated.

In addition to my love for seniors, I am also a dedicated public servant who  serves as your Councilmember in the City of South Fulton, District 2. The  pandemic has not dampened my commitment to community service, as I have routinely helped to ensure that seniors have access to food and other supplies  while they had to be sheltered in place.

I have been honored to be recipient of multiple awards and I am routinely featured guest speaker in panels, forums, and conferences that focus on  community engagement, and economic development as well as a variety of  mentoring opportunities. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other professionals.  My recent recognition by State Representative Sharon Beasley Teague for my  outstanding public service and vital role and leadership in ensuring the welfare of  the citizens of Georgia just continues to confirm that my passion for being a civil  servant is my true passion and calling. Once again, Welcome to the City of South  Fulton, District 2, do not hesitate to reach out to me and share your concerns, ideas, and just say hello from time to time.

I am proud to serve district 2’s over 15,000 constituents. With diversity, unique communities, and a wide variety of economic resources, I embrace the opportunity to leverage our resources to continue to make the City of South Fulton a great place to thrive.


Meet my chief of staff
Joy C. Stewart

Joy Stewart - District 2

Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs

Joy Stewart serves as the legislative specialist for Councilwoman Carmalitha L. Gumbs, District 2 in the City of South Fulton. As a seasoned executive administrator and communications strategist, she has a proven track record that exhibits a high level of proficiency interfacing with high-net worth individuals and constituencies.

With over 10 years of experience, in public relations and business management, she has mastered the ability to prioritize competing demands with extreme detail, a superior level of emotional intelligence and integrity, and a high degree of meticulousness, and dedication to project completion. Joy Stewart also holds a degree in business administration and enjoys the legislative process and shares her council woman's desire to see more women choose careers in local government; because she is a firm believer that local government is home, and change happens at home first. Email Joy at joy.stewart@cityofsouthfultonga.gov


Upon beginning my journey as your Councilwoman for District 2, it was important to look at what the community wanted.  As a leader, it is my priority is to listen to my community and fight for their needs. The following were determined as our “four key” focus areas where support was needed and necessary for District 2 growth and sustainability:  

  1. Public Safety and Accountability
  2. Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency
  3. Strategic Economic Development
  4. Improving Quality Life Issues

Over the last four years, we have passed numerous legislations with the support of my colleagues, but we have so much more work to do as we continue to build District 2, the “Crown Jewel” of the City of South Fulton.  

Public Safety and Accountability – Since 2017, District 2 has maintained the lowest crime rate since the City’s existence.  Through sponsored legislation to realign police beats for better efficiency and response times we have been able to cut crime and prevent criminal activity by ---%.  Our efforts to establish a community Police Precinct on Butner Road has shown us to be accountable and is proving to be a great success. 

Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency – Representing District 2 as your Councilwoman and as a resident, transparency in all activities is non-negotiable.  We have sponsored key legislation through Open.Gov providing real-time financial data to residents along with creating legislation for residents to receive updates and responses provided during public meetings as a part of our commitment to transparency.  

Strategic Economic Development – Economic growth in District 2 is paramount to the sustainability of our community. Implementing quality economic development strategies that will allow economic growth to be dispersed equitably throughout the City of South Fulton is the goal.   Since day one, I have proven that I am dedicated to seeing District 2 flourish. From the South Fulton Downtown Development Authority, to the Sustainability Small Business Loan Program, and the Filming Ordinance.  These are a few examples of my pledge to make the City of South Fulton a great city for the future.

Improving Quality Life Issues – Sometimes doing the right thing can be the hard thing.  Creating legislation that would regulate Short Term Rentals made the headlines. This decision wasn’t popular and as your Councilwoman, I knew it was the right thing to do.  Now, we are seeing cities throughout the country creating similar legislation to protect their communities.  

Here is a list of my other accomplishment that have improved our community:

  • Implemented a citywide Neighborhood Watch Program
  • strengthen Anti-Litter laws 
  • Created legislation to make City of South Fulton smoke- free city 
  • Initiated a Noise Ordinance 
  • Passed Clean Energy legislation 
  • Placed a moratorium on new home construction development for building communities designated for rentals only, thus minimizing home ownership 
  • Established laws to prevent street racing and mitigating cut-through traffic in neighborhoods

While we have made great strides, we must continue to move forward.  Here a few initiatives I will be working on: 

  • More single-family home development
  • Increased educational resources that will directly improve school scores.
  • Create more programs targeting young people and young families.
  • Continued public safety initiatives that create safer communities.
  • Provide more resources that help small businesses that provide needed services to the communities and more!

District 2 is the Crown Jewel of the City of South Fulton.  I am proud to represent this community and the residents that I consider my partners in making this city great!  We deserve a community that is thriving for our families and our businesses.  I cannot do this without you.  Working together, we will undoubtedly see District 2 and the City of South Fulton thrive and grow for our families, for our community, and for our future.  

“District 2 is the crown jewel of the City of South Fulton”

District 2

Situated within a drive of 15 to 20 minutes to Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – the world’s busiest – the City of South Fulton is home to nearly 120,000 people. It represents the best of all worlds, from the bustling business districts on Roosevelt and Old National Highways to sprawling, rural scenes along the city’s picturesque southeast border. Communities such as Red Oak, Campbellton and Sandtown enjoy rich histories that have unfolded of hundreds of years.

Meet Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs

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