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Councilwoman Carmalitha L. Gumbs, MBA, MHA
District 2, City of South Fulton

Councilwoman Carmalitha L. Gumbs

Welcome to the City of South Fulton. I would like to start off by telling you a little bit about my background. Not only do I serve as your Councilwoman in what I like to call the crown jewel of South Fulton, District 2, but I have also been fighting the good fight in the private sector for over two decades, ensuring health equity for seniors. In my current role as a healthcare industry leader, I am dedicated to increasing access to quality healthcare for our most vulnerable populations. During my tenure, I have successfully launched a vast array of wellness programs for Metro Atlanta area seniors, including pop up dental clinics, salons, and farmers markets and more recently access to the covid vaccines and necessary community services surrounding the pandemic.

In my line of work, I take pride in successfully helping metro area seniors take more ownership over their health, prioritize prevention, and choose a deeper commitment to their wellness.

My Staff

Brandon J. Eads
Legislative Chief of Staff Office:

Brandon J. Eads - District 2

Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs

Brandon J. Eads serves as Chief of Staff to Councilwomen Carmalitha L. Gumbs in the City of South Fulton District 2. Brandon has been a long-term resident of the South Fulton region well before the City’s inception. And as a resident of District 2, Brandon will bring a wealth of historical and generational awareness to the district.

After graduating from Westlake High School, Brandon enrolled at Georgia State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science – Pre-Law. Brandon’s time at Georgia State University introduced him to the political arena while serving on the Student Government Association (SGA), where he was met with many quality of life concerns experienced by the student body. This ultimately allowed Brandon to develop strategic methods to reach various students on campus to further learn about their concerns.

Brandon also served as a Legislative Assistant to many Georgia House of Representatives, often handling Constituent Services concerns in the Atlanta, and South Fulton communities. When Covid-19 devastated the world, The Georgia Department of Labor shut its doors to the People most in need of Federal and State resources. Brandon J. Eads diligently worked alongside State Elected Officials to ensure that the citizens of Georgia within metro Atlanta, and South Fulton received their Snap and Unemployment Benefits.

By working in the District 2 Office, Brandon J. Eads hopes to bring transparent and responsive governance to the residents, and further support Councilwomen Gumbs in her efforts to provide equitable, innovative, and sustainable legislation for District 2; and The City of South Fulton.

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District 2, City of South Fulton
5440 Fulton Industrial Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30336

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