Our Focus

Upon beginning my journey as your Councilwoman for District 2, looking at what the community wanted and needed was essential.

I prioritize listening to my community and fighting for their needs. The following were determined as our “four key” focus areas where resources are most needed and necessary for District 2 growth and sustainability.

  • Public Safety and Accountability
  • Economic Development
  • Addressing Quality of Life Concerns
  • Open and Transparent Government focused on Customer Service.

Public Safety and Accountability

Councilwoman Gumbs Acomplishments During Her 2017 - 2021 Term

  • Short term rentals Ordinance
  • Party houses ordinance
  • Adopt a highway Ordinance
  • Road Closure Policy
  • Traffic calming mechanisms
  • Single Plastic Use
  • OPENGov Ordinance
  • Citywide Neighborhood Watch Ordinance
  • Police Feasibility Study and Beat Realignment
  • South Fulton Oppose Heartbeat Bill
  • South Fulton Oppose Migrant Dentition Center
  • Public Comments Transparency Resolution
  • Stronger Ethics Ordinance
  • Livestock Ordinance
  • Clean Energy Ordinance
  • Communication Ordinance
  • Alcohol Ordinance
  • Smoke Free City Ordinance (Proposed/Amended)
  • Noise Ordinance
  • Tree Ordinance
  • Ordinance for Road Closure Policy
  • Gender Removal from Fire/Police Department Ordinance Food Truck Ordinance
  • Brunch Bill for the City of South Fulton
  • Filming Ordinance
  • Litter Control Ordinance
  • Procurement Ordinance
  • Welcoming Ordinance
  • Curb Your Dog Ordinance
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